Autumn Winter 2023



For Fall/Winter 22-23 Goch pays homage to mixing opposite concepts such as the dramatic baroque aesthetics of the Opera and the untidiness, loose, and oversized silhouette of Grunge style.

The result of the collection is a dearing oxymoron. It implies the audacity of celebrating uniqueness in every moment. The concept explores the possibility of wearing the same outfit from a groceries store to a Gala. 

Wool knitted fabrics take centre stage in the form of plaid and the traditional knitting technique of fair isle (Shetland Islands). This season Goch introduces its signature mix of fabrics playing with a two-tone seersucker showcasing a classic 70’s tailored suit combined with the softness of see through tulle tops.

As a new addition, Goch plays with the concept of versatile garments that are able to be worn through day and night. The brand’s journey travels through different Opera’s from NABUCCO, a long rich silk velvet dress to MACBETH, a modern wrinkled baby dress.

Opera costumes are often reused in different plays. For every play, the costume department creates a label that is hand stitched in the inside of the garment to show which actor and play has been used for. Taking this as an inspiration, Goch has designed an exclusive label where the client can personalize by writing their name.

 The brand’s signature Peter Pan collars, hand quilted details, puffed sleeves and ruffled edges are iterated in different ways for a romantic and feminine look. Helena has created a collection of matching accessories such as headbands, hood scarfs and hats to go along with the key looks. The colour palette ranges from blues, terracotta red, soft pinks to bright apple green corduroy used on textured fabrics such as Shantung, Velvet, Tulle, and seersuckers. Subtle prints are in display in cotton based fabrics. 

As every season, Helena launches her new music single that inspires the new collection. Launching October 2022























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